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NY Magazine Style Photoshop Actions

Real Photoshop Actions. Real Fast. 

This is a brand new action set, with 20 award winnings actions that turn your photographs from nice to Gorgeous! Stunning NY Grunge Magazine Style Photoshop Effects. This was created to give you more time doing what you love and not sitting and editing. The easiest actions to use. All you have to do is to load, and with our 1-click design it's all done. All in a matter of seconds. These actions are loaded to photoshop and they work in photoshop. No need to install 3rd party plug-ins and wait for them to load.

Use them for Wedding Photography, Engagement, Family, Landscape, Art, & all your kids photo's.

Signature Dynamic Actions Created by Pavel Shpak

Here is what's included & More:


-Sensual Soft Fx

-Editorial Duo Tones

-Artistic Black & White

-Glare Fx

20 Award Winning Signature Actions

for $20 

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